Whittaker Village is a neighborhood of 98 homes located in Ypsilanti Township Michigan

HOA Late Fees

WV Bylaws State Section 3.

Apportionment of Assessments and Penalty for Default. Each assessment in default for 10 or more days may bear interest from the initial due date thereof at the rate of 7% per annum until each assessment is paid in full. The Association may assess reasonable automatic late charges or may, pursuant to Articles XIX and XX hereof, levy fines for late payment of assessments in addition to such interest.

$30 late fee will be added starting 4/10/24 and occurring the 1st of each month until paid in full.

  • No Architectural requests for property Improvements will be reviewed while HOA Dues are Unpaid
  • The Entire Community is affected by 100% of homes HOA fees not being paid.
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