• About Whittaker Village

    Whittaker Village is a community of 98 homes located in Ypsilanti, Township, Michigan.

    This website is maintained by the Whittaker Village Homeowners Association. The Association is run by a five-member Board of Directors that is elected by the homeowners annually. All members of the Board are homeowners.

    The Association is responsible for the maintenance of all the common areas within the community. This includes mowing grass, and maintenance of the plant beds and storm water retention ponds. We also maintain liability insurance for the common areas. A budget is prepared each year and annual dues are assessed to cover the costs.

    Homeowners must seek approval from the Association before making exterior changes to their homes or starting landscaping projects. Approval is usually a quick process and can be handled via e-mail in most cases.

  • Board of Directors

    The Association is run by its Board of Directors. The directors are elected by the homeowners at the annual meeting held in March. The normal term of a director is two years, and there is no limit on the number of terms a person can serve as a director. If a quorum isn’t available during the annual meeting, then the existing board appoints the new board. The term of an appointed director is one year.

    At the first meeting of a new board, the directors select officers of the Association. The officer positions are President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The board members usually serve as officers, but on the President is required to be a director.

    Any resident of Whittaker Village who has questions or concerns about the community should feel free to contact any of the board members. If you wish to e-mail the entire board you can use the address whittakervillagehoa@gmail.com.

    Here are the current board members:

    President: Taylor Darling

    Vice President: Laura Davia

    Treasurer: Mandy Trapp

    Secretary: Hillary Whan

    Member at Large: Jennifer Thomm

  • Annual Dues

    Each homeowner in Whittaker Village is responsible for paying annual dues. The dues amount is set each year by the Board of Directors during the preparation of the annual budget. The dues are assessed at the beginning of the calendar year. Payment is due in full by March 31st.

    What do the dues pay for?

    Here is a list from the 2023 budget:

    • Cost of the common area maintenance contract
    • Liability Insurance Premium
    • Electric Bill for the retention pond fountains
    • Annual plantings
    • Capital improvements such as new fountain installation

    For 2024 the dues are $450. This is unchanged from 2023.